Bozeman, MT


Ken's Participation in the Druk Sherig and Yangphel Projects
  Ken's love of mountain landscapes and affinity for building in the mountains has deepened since 1997 when he was invited to The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas (often referred to as "The Last Shangrila" and "The Switzerland of Asia") as a consultant for Druk Sherig Construction.

The purpose of this trip was to assess existing building methodolgies in Bhutan and advise on the introduction of appropriate power tools and other mechanized construction equipment. Ken had the great privilege of touring many remote construction sites on this trip and fell in love with Bhutanese architecture.

Since 1997 Ken has returned to Bhutan three times for various lengths of time, most recently in 2003 for 5 months where he has been helping his good friend Ugyen Rinzin of Yangphel (www.bhutanexplorer.com) as a consultant and advisor for a magnificent lodge and guest cottages high in the beautiful Paro Valley of western Bhutan just 30 miles from the Tibetan border. Ken assembled a team of his subcontractors from Bozeman to assist in the project in the key areas of carpentry and woodworking, plumbing and heating, electrical and masonry and tile work.

Additionally, Ken and his team sourced, procured and shipped large quantities of tools, materials and equipment from the U.S., Taiwan, and Thailand to Calcutta, India, then overland into Bhutan. Ken's experience in dealing with complex logistical and organizational challenges is evidenced by the successful results as these magnificent structures near completion, literally on the other side of the world.

  It is Ken's dream to establish a relationship with a client who has a keen interest in Bhutanese architecture and would like to have a traditional Bhutanese style house designed and built with the appropriate climatic and environmental adaptations in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Ken is currently serving as a consultant on just such a project for a friend who will be building a traditional Bhutanese style house in the Hill Country west of Austin, Texas.  A strong bond has developed between Bhutan and Montana as a result of Ken and his team's involvement in this unique project. "The Last Best Place" and "The Last Shangrila" have become intertwined. 
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